A Home for the Future

There are a lot of things to think about when buying a property to ensure your home meets your future needs.  Daniel Thomas from Fine & Country Cardiff gives tips on things to consider when looking for a forever home.

No-one can predict the future, but we can consider current lifestyle trends, as well as our individual lives, and try to cater for how they might grow and change. Focussing too closely on what suits us now can be a costly mistake. Things don’t always go to plan, but as buying a home is likely to be the largest investment in your life, it is wise to be as flexible as possible with your decision. Many of the changes you may need to cater for are influenced by your age and stage of life. Is there likely to be a change in your family structure? Are you are thinking of beginning a family in the future or are you likely to become empty nesters?

With this in mind, try to separate your current needs and wants and assess them in terms of the value of the property as a future investment. What are the items that are of value not only for you, but those that would also appeal to possible future buyers? Items that fall into this category include double glazing and attractive landscaping. There are also intangibles, like an outstanding view and being located near good schools.

You may change your mind as to where you want to live and even the type of house you want to live in. Rather than being a slave to fashionable trends, a home that is durable, sustainable and flexible will be far more useful and is likely to be a more valuable asset in the future. A home that is energy efficient will pay dividends for many years for the owner and will continue to be attractive as our climate becomes increasingly extreme.

Multi-purpose has become a new way to consider the spaces we create to live in. Certain rooms should be able to perform multiple functions to cater for whatever happens in our lives. A recent example was the sudden need to work from home, which had many struggling to find a suitable space for a home office.

As we age, accessibility becomes increasingly important in our home. If you are purchasing a two-story home, make sure you have a bedroom, bath, kitchen and living area on the ground floor. While you are younger, you may choose to have your office upstairs, but this can be easily converted to visitor accommodation at a later stage of life. To further ensure easy access, it is best to avoid homes that have steps to the front door.

Don’t forget to extend the consideration of accessibility outside the home. Is there public transport nearby in case you are unable to drive some day?

If you’re buying as a short-term investment, you don’t need to look quite as far into the future, but given the year we’ve just had, fate may force your hand. Take this into account – it’s wise to consider your current plan, but also spare a thought for how that may change.

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