A Smooth Move for the Whole Family

Moving house is stressful at the best of times; add children and this brings in another dimension. Daniel Thomas from Fine & Country Cardiff gives tips on making the move as smooth as possible.

It is easy to underestimate the time and emotional energy it takes to move house. While it is impossible to avoid disruption, with some careful planning and awareness, it need not be chaotic for you or your children. The bigger the move, the greater the disruption to their world will be. The reason for the move has a lot to do with how much stress is involved in the process. If the move is upgrading to a larger family home or better neighbourhood, there will be far less emotional upheaval.

Each child is likely to react differently to a change in their environment, depending to their age and personality. Sharing the news of a move as early as possible helps children adjust to the idea of change. Older children may enjoy being involved in the hunt for a new home, but with younger ones, it might be best to introduce the move when the new location has been chosen and settled. Give yourself as much time as you can, including overlap time between properties. This will reduce the urgency and in turn, reduce the stress of packing and cleaning.

Talk about and visit the new neighbourhood as often as possible with the whole family. If it means your children have to change schools, find time to pay a visit to the school. Spend family time having a picnic in a park or visiting the local shopping centre at your new address. These fun experiences help children focus on the positives of the move. Take the time to talk about how children are feeling about the move, too. Listen to any concerns or fears they may have and help them look at the good points about the move, without undermining their feelings.

Children love to be involved and feel important in family activities. Get them to help with the packing process, according to the level of their ability. This gives a child the feeling of having some control, as it is the lack of control over their environment that troubles children most. If it’s possible, let them decide on how their new room will be set out. Give them their own box to pack with their favourite items so their bedroom feels like theirs on the first night in their new home.

In some ways, moving with babies and toddlers can be easier, especially if you have support from family and friends to help maintain a routine as close to possible as their usual one.  With older children, give them time to say good bye, not just to friends and neighbours, but also to their favourite places.

Remember, it takes time to adjust to new surroundings for both adults and children. Joining local clubs and groups helps speed up the time it takes to be part of a new community and for it to feel like home.

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